"People to people"


An effective, practical and responsible solution for companies that have more than 25 employees and that cannot meet the legal obligation to directly employ people with disabilities and at the same time do not want to pay a mandatory contribution to the state budget.

By purchasing replacement services, ie products or services from suppliers who employ more than 50% of people with disabilities (so-called “workshop protection”), you will responsibly resolve your legal obligation to the state and at the same time support the existing jobs of disabled people.

Compensation is an effective and practical solution for the substitute employment of people with disabilities and at the same time an expression of social solidarity in employment relations on the labor market towards a vulnerable group of people with disabilities.


We are an employer of the disabled, a supplier of products and services like any other. We are not just a sheltered workshop or workplace where the state pays a significant part of labor costs and operations. We are a society where workers with disabilities make money, support their families and work like any other fellow citizen. The only difference is that workers with altered working ability do not perform as well as healthy people and need more time and patience in the workplace. The reward is a high level of work and loyalty, which we value. If you purchase products or services from our company, our disabled employees will have work and life security. We will check that this work is of good quality. We don't just want to be a supplier that will save you "disability tax". We want to be a reliable business partner, we care about your satisfaction and we would like to develop mutual cooperation with you in the future and build long-term trust.


A new electronic record is used for the possible delivery of products or services and subsequent inclusion in the replacement performance. The supplier of goods, services or orders will be entered into the records of the provided performance in the records, no later than within 30 days of payment.

The supplier enters the following data into the register:

  • the average annual recalculated number of employees who are persons with disabilities for the previous calendar year for the purposes of calculating the limit set pursuant to Section 81 (3) of the Employment Act,

  • average quarterly recalculated numbers of employees in a given calendar year for the purpose of determining the fulfillment of the condition of employment of 50% of persons with disabilities,

  • identification data of the supplier and the customer,

  • the price of delivered products, services or realized orders without VAT (this is the amount that can be included in the replacement performance; it can be lower than the value on the invoice, if the supplier and the customer have agreed, for example, to include a lower amount)

  • the date of delivery of products, services or execution of orders,

  • the number of the document by which the delivery of products, services or orders was billed,

  • the date of payment for the purchased products, services or realized orders.

Until now, customers were obliged to report to the Labor Office of the Czech Republic by 15 February of the given year whether or not they had fulfilled the mandatory share and also the method of its fulfillment, on the prescribed form. With the new electronic records, the customer's obligation to report data on substitute performance in the notification of performance of the mandatory share ceases.