"People to people"


Mgr. Ladislav Drozd

Ing. Robert Drábek

Ladislav is a man with heart on the right side and has a lot of experiences, he takes care of administration in our company and HR. You can contact him with request of job application, or advice about ZTP( severe health disability).

Robert takes care of finances and business. You can contact him with request of consulting yours business intentions or optimilization and complex solutions of facultative compensation.

Our company W4P L.T.D. is business company estabilished in 2015 in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm with added value of official status Social business, where in the charter and articles of association of the company, we define principles of social entrepreneurship, where we commit to:


  • Fulfill the socially beneficial goal of employment and social inclusion of people disadvantaged in the labor market

  • 60% of the profits generated from their business activities to reinvest in social development and to strive for the long-term economic sustainability of the social enterprise

  • And many other goals


At the same time, by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs we are officialy kept in the list of suppliers of Facultative compensation as W4P ltd – Sheltered workshop by §84 no. 435/2004 Sb.


List of suppliers of facultative compensation – Employment agency


We value our business partners in engineering, automotive and other forms of industry, which we offer high-level quality of our work, services and supplies of goods.


For company W4P ltd.

Mgr. Ladislav Drozd, Company executive



W4P s.r.o. - Chráněná dílna

Televizní 2615

756 61, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Mgr. Ladislav Drozd
Mob.: 733 117 294, drozd@w4p.cz 

Ing. Robert Drábek
Mob.: 608 840 486, drabek@w4p.cz